To The Point

If you can remember back to 2003-2006, pointed shoes were totally on trend. Everything from stiletto heels to flats and anything in between.

At the time, I was at uni and my first foreo into pointed shoes was a pair of black stilettos with a snake skin strap which weaved (or chocked…) around my ankle and did up with an ‘oh so classy’ silver hook clip. Less than an hour in these babies and I was screaming for them to come off. Fairly sure three of my friends also had identical pairs. So cool, right?

Skip forward to 2014 and while these black beauties are long gone, the lust for the ‘point’ is back, and as with most trends that see a revival years later, there are some seriously ah-ma-zing choices.

Personally, I love the concept of a pointed shoe. Whether it is the long lines it can give even the most vertically challenged females, or the glorious way pointed shoes can make any foot look lean and supermodel-like.

There are varying degrees of pointedness out there, so whether you love sporting some serious point, are still on-the-fence, or have simply never taken the plunge, here are some of my lust haves.

To The Point

1. Forever New   2. River Island (ASOS)   3. ASOS   4. The Mode Collective (The Iconic)   5. ASOS  6. ASOS   7. Wanted Shoes   8. River Island   9. Spurr


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